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Beagles and Basketball: Inside the Mind of a 12-Year-Old Founder

By September 13, 2019August 25th, 2021No Comments

While other 5-year-olds were learning basic life skills, Jahkil Jackson was already developing a strong sense of empathy and compassion. It was at that age that he recognized his need to help others. With the support of his family and donations, the now 12-year-old runs Project I Am—an organization that provides the necessities of life to homeless communities in his native Chicago and beyond. Oh, and no big deal: he also runs an apparel business, speaks at events across the country, and tap dances on the side.

But don’t be fooled—Jahkil is just a regular kid who worries about his science marks and loves video games and basketball. One day, he even hopes to own an NBA team. And since he’s already on a first-name basis with LeBron James, anything’s possible. Here, Jahkil shares some advice on public speaking, why he loves running a business, and the story of that one time he met President Obama.


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